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More than a dream, Lauraine Snelling

More than a dream, Lauraine Snelling
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More than a dream
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Lauraine Snelling
Series statement
Return to Red River, 3
Thorliff's goal of becoming a writer is within reach. Working for a newspaper in Northfield, Minnesota, he is busy writing articles and stories for the Minneapolis Tribune and Harper's Magazine. But his idyllic world comes to a sudden halt when an epidemic hits the town of Blessing, North Dakota, following the Red River flood of 1897. Thorliff returns home to help family and friends recover from the aftermath of the disasters and rebuild their town. After graduation from college, Elizabeth takes a nursing position in a Chicago hospital for women while waiting to hear if any of her application to medical schools are accepted. She soon comes face-to-face with the vast gulf between her life of affluence and privilege and the poverty-stricken patients under her care. Then a devastating experience on the hospital ward puts her faith in God and her very life on the line

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